Monday, May 10, 2010

Chirp, Chirp! Peep, Peep! - Carolina wrens fledge the nest

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there! That includes the sweet little Carolina wren who's been nesting on the other side of my office window for the last month or so. In the last two weeks, I've heard a chorus of peeps as the babies came out of their eggs and started begging for food. They kept Mom and Dad very busy with their insistent peeps and chirps.

Yesterday, as a special Mother's Day treat, they fledged the nest! We returned home after a morning out and found the parent wrens shepherding their young ones as they learned how to fly. Evidently, it is quite difficult to learn how to fly! The little guys tried and tried, but kept fluttering to the ground, flying into the house, flying into the car, and stopping to catch their breath. The parents were very busy keeping tabs on where their babies were and which ones needed food!

This photo is of one of the parents, I think; although, at the time I took it, I thought it was one of the babies. The fledglings have pin feathers sticking out of their heads and don't have the coloring of their parents just yet. This bird looks like an adult Caroline wren, with its beautiful colors and smooth feathers. I'll try to get a photo of one of the babies tomorrow; hopefully, in a good moment and not fluttering into the house!

Thirty-six hours after leaving their nest, I heard the familiar peeps of a baby wren outside my office window. I was surprised to see the whole family trying to make it back to the nest. Evidently, one baby was in the nest, peeping loudly. Two others were trying to make it back, but couldn't! One flew into the window, then fluttered to the ground. The other flew into the house and then down to the bushes below. They gave up their efforts and are probably spending the night in a bush nearby.

It's like watching a baby take her first steps - you're worried for her and happy and excited all at once. Happy Mother's Day one and all!!!!

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